Common reasons why your RocketForm isn't working

We're building an ongoing list of the most common reasons why a RocketForm doesn't load on a site. For immediate assistance, please reach out to support and we'll help you fix any issues right away.

URL Issues

The most common reason usually comes down to URL formatting issues.

A target URL should be formatted exactly like this:* or if your site doesn't use SSL then*

URL Issues:

  • Your URL is not entered into the Target URL section (to add your URL go to "Add to Site > then add your URL into the target URL area)

  • Your URL includes the www. (all URLs must be entered without the www.)

  • Your URL does not include https:// or http:// (enter your URL as

  • You've entered your URL with https but your site does not use SSL and actually displays as http:

  • You did not include the * at the end of your URL (We suggest always including the * so it reads as*

Other Common Reasons Why Your Form Isn't Working

  • You did not set a step as an "entry step" (the very first step in your form must be set as an entry step for your form to work)

  • A response in your first loops back to the same first step

  • Your RocketForms Pixel is not installed properly on your website (feel free to reach out if you need us to help you check)

  • If you're using a pop-up form then your Form Mode is set to the wrong setting. For pop-up forms the Form Mode must be set to pop-up

  • If your using an embedded form then your Form Mode is set to pop-up. For embedded forms ensure that your Form Mode is set to Embedded

  • If you're using the embedded form and it's not working, ensure that you also added the embed code somewhere on your page.

Here's the embed code:

<div id="leadforms-embd-form"></div>
  • Form appearing twice? Ensure that your pixel script is only added to your site once

  • Finally, sometimes you just need to clear your cache, especially if you're using a WordPress plugin like WPRocket

For more troubleshooting and help please reach out to us and we'll respond back as soon as possible.

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